À La Carte




Green Salad
(Green Salad With A Light Vinaigrette)
50,000 VND
French Fries
60,000 VND
“Le Terroir” Terrine
(Traditional Pork Terrine)
105,000 VND
Croque Monsieur Or Madame
(Served With French Fries & Green Salad)
165,000 VND
Duck Salad
(Baby Spinach, Duck Gizzards & Smoked Duck Breast)
Country Side Omelette
(Served With French Fries & Green Salad)
165,000 VND

175,000 VND

Tuna Salad
(Tuna Half Cooked, Nori Seaweed, Green Salads & Tomatoes)
185,000 VND
“Le Terroir” Salmon Burger
(Served With French Fries & Green Salad)
250,000 VND
Cold Cut Platter (small)
30gr Of (Parma Ham, Rosette De Lyon, Honey Ham, Terrine)
220,000 VND
Cold Cut Platter (big)
50gr Of (Parma Ham, Rosette De Lyon, Honey Ham, Terrine)
280,000 VND
Cheese Plate (small)
(5 Kind Of Chesse 30gr)

245,000 VND
Cheese Plate (big)
(5 Kind Of Chesse 50gr)

360,000 VND



Fish Soup Brittany Style
(Mix Of Rock Fish, Tomatoes & Onions)

95,000 VND

Healthy Salad
(Grilled Prawn, Shallot, White Sauce)

110,000 VND

Eggs In Cocotte
(Eggs Slowly Cooked With Bacon, Onions & Wine Sauce)

155,000 VND

Frisée Aux Lardons
(Frisée Salad, Poached Egg, Bacon & Garlic)

155,000 VND

Onions Soup
(Like In Chatelet, Comté Cheese & Marrow Bones)

170,000 VND

Snails Cassolette
(6 pcs Of Snail, Asian Mushroom & Cripsy Cheese)

180,000 VND

Salmon & Tuna Tartare
(Shallot, Lemon, Olive Oil, Sesame)

180,000 VND

Bouchées À La Reine
(Chicken & Salmon Savoury In Vol Shells)

185,000 VND

Veal Carpaccio
(Touch Of Yuzu, White Cabbage)

195,000 VND

Burgundy Snails
(6pcs Of Snail In A Garlic-Herb Butter)

205,000 VND

Marinated Salmon
(Blinis & Light Cucumber Cream)

205,000 VND

Avocado & Shrimps Salad
(Avocado, Shrimps, Onions, Lemon In The Light Sesame Sauce)

220,000 VND

Pan-Seared Foie Gras
(Pan Fried With Rosted Fig)

325,000 VND




from the sea

Tilapia (À L’unilatéral)
(Served With Potatoes & Virgin Sauce)

165,000 VND

Sesame-Crusted Tuna
(Served With Mashed Potatoes)

180,000 VND

Half Cooked Salmon
(Served With Peas & Mashed Carrot And Potatoes)

300,000 VND

from the land

Pork Belly
(Pork Belly Stew In Beer & Cream Served With Carrots & Rice)

175,000 VND

Chicken Fricassée
(Served With Mushroom & Tagliatelle)

190,000 VND

Flank Steak & Shallot Sauce
(Served With French Fries & Salad)

205,000 VND

(Served With Confit Potatoes & Salad)

310,000 VND

Rib Eye
(Served With Marrow Bones, Bacon Onions & French Fries)

465,000 VND

Op Ribs (1kg)
(Served With Girolles, Young Potatoes & Sauce Of The Day)
(*Booking 12 Hours Before)

1.600,000 VND

from the terroir

Beef Tartare
(Served With French Fries & Arugula Salad)

220,000 VND

Duck legs Confit
(Served With Vegetables Of The Day, Salardaise Potatoes)

280,000 VND

Beef Bourguignon
(Beef Braised In Red Wine With Bacon, Onions & Mushroom)

285,000 VND

(Traditional Stew Of Bean With Duck Leg Confit, Pork belly & Garlic Sausage)

350,000 VND


Pasta & Risotto

Country Side Tagliatelle
(Served With Cream, Smoked Duck & Bacon)

160,000 VND

Mushroom Risotto
(Mix Of Asian Mushroom)

175,000 VND

Spaghetti Puttanesca
(Served With Bacon, Olive & Tomatoes Sauce)

180,000 VND

Tomato & Shrimps Risotto
(Sundried Tomatoes & Shrimps Cooked In A Bisque)

205,000 VND

Salmon Tagliatelle
(Served With Light Creamy & Capper)

240,000 VND




(Emmental Cheese Is Swiss Cheese That Melts Well & Features A Nulty, Buttery Flavor)

70,000 VND

(Soft & Creamy, Surface – ripened, from Cow’s Milk)

100,000 VND

(The Texture Is Relatively Hard, Flexible, Taste Is Strong & Slightly Sweet)

105,000 VND

(Morbier Is A Semi-solf Cow’s Milk Of France)

105,000 VND

Bleu d’Auvergne
(French Blue Chesse Named For His Place Of Origine In Auvergne France)

115,000 VND






Crème Brulée

80,000 VND

Black Chocolate Fondant

90,000 VND

Duo Of Chocolate Mousse
(Black And White Chocolate)

90,000 VND

Rice Milk (Façon Grand Mère)
(Rice, Milk, Creamy Caramel, Dry Fruits)

90,000 VND

Mille Feuille Bourbon Vanilla
(Lights Pastry, Vanilla Cream Diplomats)

95,000 VND

Apple Tart Tatin

105,000 VND


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Le Terroir Special

Le Terroir Restaurant offers a weekly Special Lunch Menu created by the Chef Milan Lam, who is always working hard to give the best of the French cuisine to our customers.

Come with us and enjoy the one of this week (26/9 – 1/10) !

Starter :  Grated carrots – 90.000 Vnd 


Main course : Pork filet mignon roasted, carrots and bacon – 190.000 Vnd


Dessert : Vanilla  Floating island 90.000 Vnd

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